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Discover a Healthier You!

Are you ready to feel healthy and happy?

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Hello, I'm Colette!

I'm a very curious person and I love a good puzzle. It's how I got into being a coach.  

My passion for this work started with trying to solve my own health struggles. I had been suffering with chronic illness on and off my whole life, and after being told that health was out of reach, decided to figure it out for myself.  

Here are some truths that I 100% believe in and stand by:

*  You deserve to be happy, healthy and symptom free

*  I believe our "health span" should match our "life span" and that this is an achievable thing. 

Do you believe those too? When you believe; I can show you how.  

In my 20's... I discovered yoga and breath work.

In my 30's... I began teaching yoga and meditation.

In my 40's... I learned Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy. 

In my 50's... I mastered it.  All of it. 


Even Evolved Neurolinguistic Programming, Quantum Change Process, Quantum Time Release and Hypnotherapy. By not just practicing it but living it and coaching it for people just like me who won't take a diagnosis as definitive.  

Everyone has a unique journey to wellness.  It isn't one thing. With each client I create a personalized plan using the various tools available to create a clearer path to a new future.  A future where mental, emotional and spiritual health are in harmony. Creating the conditions for wellness.

My mission is to help people suffering from chronic illness or chronic pain by teaching them the resources and tools to move past a diagnosis and thrive with a new outlook, lifestyle and renewed health for their whole life.  

Outside of being a Health Crusader, I'm a wife, mother, music lover and outdoors girl who's never short on smiles or deep talks that stir the soul and change lives. 

Ready to connect?



My mission is to help people facing chronic illness by teaching them the resources and tools to move past a diagnosis and thrive with a new outlook, lifestyle and renewed health for the rest of their life.  

I do this by starting with the breath. The life force.  

By helping you connect to your breath and quiet your mind - you will positively impact your physical, emotional and mental health.  

When we breathe better; we heal better. 

Our breath intimately connects us to each other, to the world and most importantly to our inner wisdom.  

You can't control what happens to you in life, but you can always control how you respond to it.  

Is this you?

*  diagnosed with a chronic illness

*  unable to breathe deeply and find the stillness

*  anxious and overwhelmed

*  disconnected, frustrated and worried about the future


Just breathe. 

Working together, we'll focus on lifestyle changes that are easy to implement, personally prescribed based on your unique situation, and thoughtfully engaged in full body-mind-spirit integration.  

Right now, you've got a million excuses and one major reason to lean in - you want HEALTH.  Physical.  Mental. Emotional. Spiritual. Health. All of it.  

You are more than a diagnosis. You are seeking to thrive.  

I can help.  

Using the tools of Evolved Neurolinguistic Programming, Quantum Change Process, Quantum Time Relase and Hypnosis, we can create lasting changes quickly and easily.  


Grounded, Guided and  Grateful. This is my commitment to you, to myself and to this program. This is the foundation of what I coach and help people prosper in doing so. These are the pillars of my success and personal healing. They can be yours too.  


Everyone wants instant results. I get that. AND...healing takes a multi-faceted approach. However, I work with the tools I know get the fastest results for my clients to get back to health and healing with ease. These are the tools of ENLP, Quantum Change Process, Quantum Time Release and Hypnotherapy. Working with the unconscious mind provides you with the tools and framework to easily achieve your goals in record time.  


Yes. Yes it does. I have overcome anxiety, depression, IBS and chronic stomach issues with this work as well as improving my personal relationships. My clients, just like you, have too.  

Ready to THRIVE?


Kristen F, Nebraska

Colette is a joy to work with! It is evident that her ultimate goal is to share the information/knowledge that changed her life in hopes of helping others achieve the same result. I am eternally grateful for her incredible spirit, knowledge and understanding.


Siobhan M, Manitoba

Colette has been incredible.  Very professional and she made me feel welcome and safe. Her voice alone is very soothing and you can tell she is doing what she loves. My favourite part was the Quantum Time Release. I felt incredible afterwards and I have been sleeping better.


Megan S, Ontario

Colette is so lovely! Patient, accommodating, approachable and makes you feel comfortable during the whole process. I felt safe to lean into an unknown process. 

The two Quantum processes were phenomenal! Absolutely worth it! I am putting this into my yearly self care regimen!  Would recommend to others.

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